FO: what's the story morning glory (waffel hat)!

waffel hat
waffel hat
waffel hat

Whee! I love this hat! The yarn is called cranberry something, and I'm pretty sure it's 100% merino? Regardless, it's so squishy and soft and hand dyed by Ryan from Knotty By Nature in Victoria. The colour is just wonderful. I originally bought it to make Koolhaus by Jared Flood, but I wasn't interested in joining a flock on this one.

The pattern was great! It was a little confusing at times, and I did one additional decrease row of k2togs the whole way around. But despite that one row, I didn't change a thing! So that must equal a good pattern! The yarn makes the hat a little springy on my head right now, but as I know from my other hats, it'll stretch out with time.

I love the colour(s) so much! YAY! In other news, I obviously need a new camera. This one isn't doing it for Port Alberni light :(

This is my Ravelry project page, and this is the pattern page from the Pickle's website!


yarnsalad said...

I love it! It looks great!

single gal said...

cranberry!?! I love it!

Eden Oliver said...


Also, beautiful hat!

Also, the top of our chimney collapsed last night at midnight. Isn't that crazy?!

Also, I miss you.