i need a time machine.

president's choice freezer cheese sticks
tomorrow my gay husband is turning old. well, not old..but 33 me thinks. he says he never thought he'd make it to 33 so it's just fun! YAY! i ended up making him a hat out of angora (GUSH) and will take him for sushi etc. i'm not sure if he reads this (though i know he knows it exists) but i want everyone to know that he's amazing and that i love him and port alberni would not be the same without him. he has been the bestest friend to me and so supportive while i transition into being a mom person. he also has a sweet job and is good at it. so yay nick! you rock!

last night we were wondering the aisles of extra foods and i was exhausted and didn't know what i was doing or where i was going (and was pushing a sleepy baby in a shopping cart no less) and nick just berated me lovingly into the right direction. and bought us cheese sticks (which we dipped in sour cream) and shot the shit at home with me and stew later. it was great.

stewart and i held hands while walking last night for the first time in MONTHS. i didn't realize that a kid would take that away. it was really nice to hold hands again.

oh, check this out. I'M IN LOVE. though i'm not sure it's still around.

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Eden Oliver said...

Dude. I was downtown today and saw some people hands and was like "I haven't done that in FOREVER." I forgot that being single can do that. Le sigh.

So, you know. I sympathize.

~Love, Ed.