dark, you can't come soon enough for me.

bath bombs!
this is one of the bath bombs we made almost a week ago. learned a lot about making them. i'm giving most of them away for xmas, so will make more. definitely.

ooh! i made these felt ornaments for yarnsalad for her tree. they were fun and easy to make. i kind of wish i had made myself some too! but our tree is full (we have a red ornament-only tree and a box of other ornaments under the stairs)...and i'd rather knit, in all honesty.

mmmm, laundry.
mmmmmm toys. folding laundry together. well, me folding him unfolding. schma.

this is officially and hopefully the last of my late night posts. for me part of the transition to being 'back to work' means that i'm working for the weekend and going to have to focus on spending my week working, rather than playing. BOO. i really liked being off. especially to decompress after doing my MA. i'm under the impression that i can ease into work, but i'd like to have more $$ so i need to try and work more. it's a vicious cycle, really.

also, to just start taking better care of myself and get into some sort of a routine i'm going to take my "no food after 10pm" rule and move it to 9pm. if i didn't get to eat dinner then too bad, i'll have to have a piece of fruit or something, but no heavy food. if i did eat dinner then i just need to suck it up, have a cup of tea or water. but no food. eating late night has always been a bad habit for me. limiting myself to 10pm has been great. i've felt better and am hungry when i get up. sometimes ravenous.

the other thing i need to do i start going to bed by 10-10:30p. i would make it 10p, but i know i wouldn't achieve it IMMEDIATELY and then i'd feel like shit and a failure. (not fun). that way i can ensure i get a good sleep whether seth wakes up or not.

and the last thing i'm going to try and do right now to get us back on a routine is to transition seth to his bedroom. egads. i really like having him in bed and cuddling, so i anticipate he'll be sleeping in our bed often, or on bad sleep nights, but it's the needing to be super quiet in our room when we go to bed and tip-toeing around him in our bedroom (ie. not being able to set an alarm b/c it would wake him up too and then what would be the point?). i'd like to be able to get up a bit before him and make coffee and get my day started (maybe have a shower?) and then have him get up and get him ready for his day. that is the goal.

i hope that by getting on a routine then i'm not feeling like i need to work in the evening (which should be my winding down time) and can have an hour or so to knit. i'm sure there's going to be other things (like being ok with my google reader being over 1000+ unread..., and starting to use my crockpot more, or double batch cooking on the weekend to make the week easier)...but i'll get there. oh, transitions.

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yarnsalad said...

O I am so embarrassed!

Because we don't have our tree yet, I hadn't even looked in the bag of decorations until just now. Thank you!

Re: the quiet for sleeping Seth - have you thought about putting a fan or some other white noise creater in your room? We used a fan all summer while the noisy fish plant across the road was going all summer and it worked like a charm. Just an idea...