i have had la bouche in my head for days!

pinky sunset
christmas! stewart was more excited than anything!
The last week has kind of been a blur. We had visitors, which was GREAT!, lots of visitors. I saw 3 of my BFFs and my sister (huzzah!) over a one week period. I got spoiled by all of them and got to set forth with my sister on planning our FARM OF MYSTERY AND WONDER! yay!

To me the reason the week just dragged on and felt LOW for some stupid reason was threefold: My Mat leave is, in essence, over. Tomorrow I start working pretty much full time at my new job (technical editing for a company in TO). So, I spent Thursday-Today doing pretty much nothing except eating, knitting, squeezing my baby really tight (he starts daycare on tuesday! sob!). Second, I'm totally not used to returning to my MOON CYCLE just yet. I'm a CRAZY BITCH right now and have been a hormonal mess. BLECK. (I'm sure this also has to do with return-to-work, baby in daycare, working but not having $$ yet b/c of massive MSP bill and the holidays, and also not eating well gaining weight and feeling shitty about that). THIRD, when there's a lot of people around I put on "the face". even when i don't intend to do it, or it's just barely there, i don't usually notice it until after all the people have gone (or i've left) and then it's just SLUMP no more busyness and exhaustion from MRS SHOW for two weeks. (I'm going to add a four to say that Seth isn't really sleeping well lately and I'm getting very little sleep and no more than 3 hours in a row...it's been ROUGH). OH! And this song has been in my head!:


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