"match all the cracks...check all the maps"

baby food!
mmm, baby food? L-R squash, pears, and bean stew. my babe eats in style.

snow day!
snow day! daycare was closed on wednesday and thank heavens stewart had the day off so i could get some work done! but i have gotten less done this week and am stressed about it. bleck.

i need to get better at taking wardrobe remix pictures
ahahah, my attempts at a wardrobe.remix picture. i really wish i could get some sleep and feel more READY to work on getting rid of my post-pregnancy belly. i signed up for yoga! that's a start. bleck.

After years of using lyrics for my blog post titles I've decided to start using the LINK function and making the lyric a link to the artist in question. wow, that took me a long time. who can say "diandra is really set in her ways" ten times fast?

Next week Laura and I are going to start working on the online presence of a new project we've been working on for months! We got some solid advice from a dear friend lately on which route to take our project and we've just been avoiding the online component. but it's almost here! i can't wait to finish what i have to finish this week and dedicate a bit of time next week to getting it up and rolling. YIP! I will not tell you what it is until it's fully beautiful and functional but will say if you like these things:

DIY Lifestyle
Buying Locally
Thrift Shopping

You will like what we have in store for you!

Now, off to work on my weekly to-do list. EGADs where did the week go?


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Anonymous said...

Wow! It's a list of my favourite things <3 Laura (Burkholder)