"everybody will ask what became of you"

i am in bed and there is a cat cuddling at my feet and i'm about to crawl under the covers and hopefully get a few hours of sleep before i'm woken up by a cuddly tired and hungry baby. i dread it, but also look forward to it. the cuddles, anyway. i'm feeling more forlorn than i expected about him going to daycare. he's going to have so much fun with all those other kids, but i know i will miss our all day hang outs. but instead i have to work. i'm thankful that he's only going three days and that i can afford to work "part time" (approx 32 hours a week) and have flexible hours and workplace.

this morning when i went outside to take the recycling to the curb (we had THREE bags/bins this week - they come every two weeks - the most yet!) i gasped in awe at the magic of the freeze thaw. i honestly think i should have gone into geography and then i could have spent my undergrad surrounded by boys with thick glasses and beards and fleece pants. haha. anyway, it was super cool and i had fun taking pictures of the ICE and the dirt. as for the dirt my parents started a landscaping project at the end of October and just never finished it in time for the early snow and it seems to be written off for now. kinda annoying. but whatever.

blah, this week is going to be insane. i'm feeling a little overwhelmed, like i can't get it done, but i know i can and i will! here's a list of the things i have to put together. i hope to do it all by saturday PM so that i can go to girl's night with eben lemon and emily from five dog house and janine and dame girling without being distracted by the following list of doom. as a rule to myself i'm not going to post until after saturday about what i accomplished. but fingers crossed i get them all done.

1. work 40 hours (including last week) on my time sheet
2. do my open jars recipe for food in jars
3. bind those zines and mail them to KT and E-sharp. PS, KT put together a chap book. i'm sure she'll mail you one.
4. post info about the zine burkholder is collecting for on Shameless
5. do post on hatred against teen girls in BC in 2010 on Shameless
6. OMG, knit two more swatches and do three drawings and finish my work up of my super secret design (knit) for the twist deadline
7. finish and fax in my child care subsidy forms (FML).

Have a good week and wish me luck! XO

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Loki #42 said...

YOU CAN DO IT!! Good luck! I was thinking of you as I accepted the Roller Derby Workout Challenge which involves 8 weeks of not eating sugar or bad carbs....guh :(
Love you long time <3