Project ReStyle DIY #1!

This is my first official Project ReStyle Project! I have had this t-shirt since back in my SFU wannabe lesbian days and I found this pink on browny gingerbreadperson like fabric at a thrift store sometime over the past two years and have been hauling it around. I don't remember if I got it after the great purge before I moved to port, but if I got it before it's lucky to have survived.

Project ReStyle #1

I used my favourite tshirt as a pattern for this one. The original is a brown tshirt from the Joe brand (love the joe brand) that I got for super cheap, fits really well, and has held up through weekly wearings for the past two years (and weekly washings). However, it's on it's way out and I'm committed to making as many new shirts out of the same old shirt as possible. That's how much I love the fit. And it always looks good on.

My sewing quality is shitty but whatever.


babyblue said...

so cute!

yarnsalad said...

What a great idea! I would love to renew some of my clothing that is on its way out... we'll see if I have the skill.