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stack of my grandma's clothes
since my grandma died back in september i've been anxious to get my hands on some of her things. mainly because they smell like her and because i like heirlooms and things that remind me. i've been missing my grandma a lot, and get to see my grandpa even more. which is wonderful. but it's still pretty sad for me, and in passing glimpses, so finally getting my hands on some of her stuff has been good.

i didn't get the chance to get to nanaimo to go through her closet, but my mom has started to bring back garbage bags full of things, organized into "type" (ie. PJs, Sweaters, etc). today i got to go through two bags and unearthed a big pile of vintage grandma pieces that i haven't seen in years. the above is just a sampling. there's a few things that i'll wear just the way they are, but a number of them i'll alter into tunics and / or skirts. very exciting. the smell, though, i can't get over how much they smell like my grandma. absolutely indescribable, but nice, comforting, familiar.

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Summer C. said...

I was so happy when my dad sent over my moms items. I was so happy to hold her glasses in my hands again. I can completely understand with wanting them because they smell like her. I found myself in my mom's closet many times,just smelling her clothes.