"i am no student of ancient culture, before i talk i should read a book"

my sweetgum
i finished my first sweater!!! the sweetgum duncan. i love it. except it's too big and now it's blocking (to flatten the lusciousness out a little bit and to lengthen the arms) and i'm terrified. i've been honestly dying of impatience this past three weeks working on the last little bit of it. and today i sat down and wove in the ends. oh i'm so anxious about it fitting! yikes!

in other news prep for squash month is upon us. i already have 2 squash recipes and have cooked up some pumpkin to be turned into a number of yummy things including pizza and scones !! yum!

i had more to say but i'm exhaustemated and still have work to do because the internet was so slow today i couldn't bring myself to waste and hour to do something that takes 10-15 minutes. it was brutal.xo

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