this pasta salad is broken...

this pasta salad is broken
i know i said i was going to be on hiatus while i got all my stuff done this week, but the list is coming along swimmingly AND the days are going by just as fast. regardless, i've got a face mask on and i need it to dry a bit more before i have a shower and go lush it up.

this salad is inspired wholly by derek from fine thank you... i'm a bonafied food snob so whenever i was at his little attic place in victoria (probably before crystal castles or something) and he made me gnocchi in coconut milk and curry with frozen peas i think i died. FROZEN peas? yuck. but wait, YUM! so now i have a bit of a love-only relationship with frozen veggies....in the winter that is! so i've purchased TWO (count'em) bags of frozen veg since the non-growing season started. the first being a big bag of peas and carrots mainly for pot pies, and the other i bought today! a bag of yam fries for friday's pizza.

anyway, the moral of the story is that the frozen peas and carrots are starting to get freezer burnt! ha! so i made this salad with them. and i'm poor right now so was scrambling with things from around the house. YES!


boil a medium sized pot of water and cook about 200g of your favourite dry pasta (i used rigatoni but i really thought i had jumbo shells and was disappointed!) until it's al dente.

while the pasta is cooking get out a medium sized bowl and put 1 cup of frozen peas and carrots in the bottom of it. once the pasta is cooked drain it and put the noodles on top of the frozen veg to thaw them.

while the noodles are cooling down mix together 1/2 cup mayo, 1/2 cup italian dressing, 1 tbsp HOT mustard, 1 tsp chili flakes, dash of pepper. Also cut up about 1/2-3/4 cup of your favourite sour pickle (i used pickled green beans). Pour sauce and pickles on noodles, stir well and devour (preferably with a grilled cheese).



Loki #42 said...

CBC Says that Pie Shops are the new cupcake store....I sooo wish we could open a pie shop....

laura said...

you can also put the frozen veggies in the water with the pasta just before they are done, then strain the works. i also have a love-hate thinger with frozen veg, i make my own frozen corn and peppers. why? because i hate paying $5/pound for imported (crap) peppers in the winter more than i hate frozen peppers. actually i like frozen peppers, not bad. good.