wozas part 932

i want to post because i know, just know, that today is one of those days that will be looked at in my life as "the day that everything changed". i just got back from a community planning session on the regional district's agricultural plan and am going to go to the actual planning meeting next week (tonight was information gathering). tonight i had a severe consciousness shift in what matters to me the most and where i need to direct my attention: agriculture. farming, land issues, access to food, peak oil, grassroots organizing around growing, etc etc. when i finished grad school i felt like a chapter in my life was closing and tonight the deal was sealed. i'm not saying i'm not going to be a feminist anymore, ahaha, that would NEVER happen, but i think that instead of trying to get a job being a career feminist im now heading in a new direction...very interesting. trepidatious maybe, but exciting as hell. diandra the feminist farmer crafter person. LOVE IT. xo


yarnsalad said...

Woot! I fully support you sister! Being a career feminist requires a ton of energy which is largely spent on being angry, and you are way too much fun and way to interesting for that. It's clear that food and creativity matter to you, so you have a standing ovation from me!


Eden Oliver said...

I'm totally going to write this date down in our farm journal. Even though so far it seems to be a planning oriented journal, it would be great to be able to look back and be like "that was the day" (and also things like: "aha, we were so silly and naive!").