what's on your nightstand?

what's on your nightstand?
it's like one of those "what's in your bag?" kind of things! but, what's on your night stand! yes! (i joined a flickr group and you can only post once a month, so i'll try to do one once a month and share!)

itemized list (left to right back, and then left to right foreground):
plastic transformers slurpee cup filled with water
not very sticky stickies
burts bees hand salve (i've had this for years and am forcing myself through it)
mint green alarm clock my mom bought for me in high school. my sister has a matching ice blue one. i don't use it for the alarm, just the comforting ticking sound to drown out the hum of the monitor.
PINK nail polish!
lamp borrowed from my mom
framed picture of caitlin and amanda and i two or three days after i got back from japan. it's at albion books in vancouver where caitlin was working. i had met amanda at word on the street and i don't remember what else we did that day.
player one by douglas coupland
my original penguin hanky from japan
my "new" ipod inherited from stewart. it's next to the bed because i'm using the alarm on it to wake me up in the morning (it's so nice and quiet and soft).

what's on your night stand?

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Eden Oliver said...

My night stand is actually an small antique cardboard-y suitcase on the ground, as I don't have a bed right now and am sleeping on a foamy on the floor until mom makes my new bed! AND, it has: a mug of water, my glasses, a pen, my recently filled up journal from Regional Assembly of Text, and the book Grassroots. Minimalist, no? INSIDE the suitcase hides an assortment magical musical instruments!

Also, cute new buttony-buttons on the right side of you blog!

ALSO, the mystery security word I have to type in order to post this comment is "subcleh." Cool, hey?