January Birthday

Here's a mix for all you January babies out there.....there's a lot of you! XO


clementine – washington
awkward silence – total bummer
rill rill – sleigh bells
heart full of pentagons – film school
almighty moon – sondre lerche
go outside – cults
blue and gold print – mates of state
bad communication – sufjan stevens
trash paintings – maple you know
for the last time – bella
babay (eat a critter, feel its wrath) – the blow
o ye coffee tables – boats
solitaire – preston school of industry
two hearts – ryan adams
shelter – the xx
the lord – young people
trace a line – au revoir simone
mama – coconut records
sold – dan mangan
these roads don't move – jay farrar + ben gibbard

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Eden Oliver said...

First mix of my Ip Odd!