In Progress #8: Smash patriarchy tattoo.

smash patriarchy tattoo

OMG! YIP! it's not done yet. about 1/2 hour to go... but i had to leave. i got it done by brian at kingpin here in port. the shop looks sketchy as hell from outside and is a little messy/dirty inside, but no cross contamination AND brian is a great nice conversational talented blah blah guy. he said not only did i teach him the word "patriarchy" (!!) but i was the first person to ever ask him how he was doing while he was tattooooooing. very interesting.

OK, so we're off to dinner out! having a job and money is so nice! it's like OLD TIMEZ.

texas donut


Melissa said...

omg i love it!

Megan said...

you are so cool.
I'm getting my second (!) in May :P

laura said...


diandra said...

thanks loves! i really really like it a lot. yay tattoos!