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pumpkin lasagne
this is the pumpkin lasagna i made this week. YUMMERS.

This is so encouraging! So impressed. So inspired. MY TURN! (I think I need a job first). And who is this girl? She's so cool. Can I be her? And, check out this blogger's home? It's ridiculous....It's things like this that make me feel like I need to get my shit together and do more, be better, and embrace the art and craft in everything. Having a baby is so tiring and time consuming! But awesome: helvetica is awesome.

Tonight we made a yummy pizza, Stewart's concoction of bbq'd chicken, chipotle sauce, sun dried tomatoes, etc. Just over a month ago we started a zine together (fun!) with our pizza recipes: we're calling it, "a year of pizza" or something like that. Kind of in hommage to and mocking Kingsolver's AVM. Basically the zine will be a cookzine with 52 pizza recipes and a bunch of different crust recipes/tutorials, as well as our reviews of every single pizza. So far my favourite has been the Camping Pizza (with hot dogs and crushed mexican chili chips!).

This weekend is my number one favourite holiday that celebrates colonization: Canadian Thanksgiving (not that colonization is awesome, its just so WHITE of us to still have days celebrating colonization!). We're having a wonderful feast with a bunch of people and it's not at our house! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

OH! and my zine, Standing in the Way of Control, is now up for pre-order! Information above on the page! xo

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