WIP Wednesday: My Life + telemark sweater

tomatoes are finally ripening!
babies like knitting!!
oh boy, i need a nap and helvetica needs a nap. helvetica also needs to eat, i have a slew of emails to reply to, and the dishes and laundry both need to be done before i pile him into the car and meet stewart for a quick and dirty overnight trip to victoria so i can attend a job interview tomorrow. for a really cool job. that i can't believe even exists and that i got a call for. it means, though, that i have a 25% chance b/c they're interviewing four people. and if things go "our way" we'll be going on holidays for two weeks and returning to victoria instead of port alberni to start our new life on november 2nd! it all seems too soon. i've been feeling super weepy about it but not anxious at all. or nervous. or overwhelmed. i'm also trying not to get my hopes up. but i do feel like i'm "on my path" and that this is the next step. even though it's heartbreakingly too soon. i'm not going to get nostalgic until we find out if we're actually going or not, but i wish that i could just get a job here, or that they even came up. or that when i applied for them i'd even get a call back. who knew it would be harder to break into a small town than victoria? weird. anyway, that's enough lamenting. seth just went down for a nap and my eyes are droopy and my face is greasy in a way that is indicative of too little sleep. we stayed up late last night watching waiting (and me knitting this telemark sweater seth is playing with that's ALMOST done, i'll post finished pics and info about it tomorrow or friday) and even though i got to sleep about 6 hours in a row it still wasn't enough. on another note, i'm always surprised how much i'm obsessed with how much sleep i got.

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