"in the night, call you up and wanna know when you're coming home"

right now i'm making this summer salsa. and i seriously think i'm getting my sister's cold. DAMN YOU!

the last few days have been more uplifting, but just as draining as the days leading up to it. my dad came to town for a few days and my sister came up for one night. we also spent some time at our aunt's farm with our uncles who had popped over to the island for a few days. we also got to go into nanaimo to stay with my grandpa. it was super sad to see my grandpa so heart broken. and my heart just dropped when i saw my grandma's pile of toothpicks left on the coffee table where they always are, but hadn't been used in about 2 weeks. i still haven't cried, and still don't feel weepy-sad, but i'm definitely exhausted, worn out, and just "down" feeling about the whole thing.

in the past few days i also cut my hair off, and have started knitting a few comfort knitting projects for helvetica. and i've just been gobbling down food that's not good for me and just being exhausted not doing anything. haha. maybe now that the load of people are gone i can relax and visit with cruely sue who's coming to cuddle and craft for a few days this week.

well, off to knit and eat some grapes/drink ginger tea to get my stomach back. i thought that eating the pint of ben and jerry's gave me the stomach ache, but i think it was the soup i made for dinner :(

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Eden Oliver said...

I'm so sorry! I tried really hard to not give you my cold, by washing my hands a lot and adverting my coughs and sneezes into my sleeve. Poo!