"so much pain for someone so young"

oh life without facebook! it's absolutely incredible. and awesome. and my internet experience is just, well, more specific and less droll. more blogs, more communicating about important things, and more flickr. ravelry. and apartment therapy blogs. this is the life i much more prefer. well, and that "big brother" isn't pilfering my shit and thinks they own it. i was surprised at how difficult it was to delete my account and it's actually not deleted for 2 weeks. they sure try to keep you!

i intend to blog a bit more now that i'm not on facebook so much. i think what i'll do is find specific things to blog about a few days a week and then blog others as they happen. i'm a fan of friday favourites but not sure i'm organized enough. i will, however, definitely do work-in-progress (W.I.P) wednesdays. there was another one that's assigned to Mondays but I can't remember what it is. I'll also try to do a recipe a week. So we'll see how it goes.

lately i've been listening to a few tracks on repeat, namely the new Cee Lo Green single, "Fuck You" (1:50 i die) and the new-ish arcade fire song, "Month of May". my summer has been without a doubt dominated by Robyn and Body Talk Pt. 1, and the Hang With Me single. on repeat. i've also just stumbled upon new Kelis (i <3 kelis). yes!

before this becomes a run on post here's some photos from the awesomeness of august. i'm gonna run and watch last week's true blood and knit a shawl for my midwife (a little overdue).

our potatoes have been so good! the local deer ate all the nightshade on top but the potatoes we got are still so yummy and milky and just so clean and dirty tasting at the same time. we've made homefries a few times, and potato-based soups, and hashbrowns with them. just so good. i still have just over a bed left to dig out, which i should do soon, so we should have potatoes right up until xmas! woop!

cathedral grove
stewart's mom was here and i took her to cathedral grove. we tried to walk the long side of the trail but it was closed for whatever reason. it wasn't even a week day and there were so many tourists. but, no complaining about tourists as they're the left's answer to coal mines and copper mines and clear cuts.

stuffed crust pizza
we made a garlic-havarti stuffed crust pizza with nickolas. it was to DIE FOR.

blackberries! we picked pound after pound of blackberries from right by our house. all for free. and they've been canned into jam and drunken blackberries (with brandy) as well as frozen in the freezer by the bag full. we also picked a bunch of blueberries at my family's farm and i'm still plowing through them. so. good.

canning with eden!
i canned a lot with my sister. well, pretty much every time i saw her we canned. it was so nice to spend the summer with her! it's been so long that we've been so apart, geographically anyway.

enchanted forest socks
knitting! i knit two pairs of socks in august. this really nice pair for me and an anniversary pair for stewart. having a baby obviously means not so much knitting time, which is heartbreaking, but august was so full with putting away for winter that i didn't get to knit so much. i can't believe how little time i'll have when i go back to working. blarg.

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yarnsalad said...

Oh Sweetie!

Great blog post. I'm just over the mountain in Ukee and can relate to lots of what you talk about here. I left Facebook a year and a half ago and WOW is it ever liberating. Good for you for also taking the plunge. I think you'll find that the time you spend Internet-ing will be of a higher quality.

Your pizza looks delicious, blackberries look fun, socks look snuggly!