"baby i'm howling for you"

right now i'm sitting on my bed in the dark. our routine for seth of bathing, breastfeeding, and bed has officially gone out the window. he's currently lying on the bed just past my feet, grabbing my toes occasionally and up until about 20 seconds ago wasn't really whining. and now he's whining a little. something i ate made me feel sick. i don't like feeling sick in my tummy. boo. and stewart's having sneezing fits. haha. we're in this weird space biding time until we might have a major transition very soon (moving to victoria!!). i have a phone job interview tomorrow and if i slay it then i have an in person interview in victoria on thursday. we're still going on our holiday to PG and the Okanagan, but we might be returning to victoria instead of port alberni. definitely strange.

today seth and i went for a long walk to buy groceries and drop off movies i watched yesterday (read: the back up plan was HORRIBLE worse than expected and i was expecting the worst. no chemistry. terrible dialogue. you could cut through the gender shit with a knife!). the walk was great and it was nice to take advantage of another not rainy day. but i should really be digging up my potatoes. i keep putting it off. when we got back i spent the afternoon cooking. i made a zucchini plum upside down cake (recipe tomorrow?) and half of it's in the freezer. i also made a meat pie. and i think that's why i'm sick. bleck.

UM, i'm going to be putting together my zine over the next two weeks. making copies, getting 'er done. some day this week i'll be posting just about it, with info on how to buy it, and teaser pages to read to decide if you want to buy it! it's going to be between $10-$15 or so (including shipping), and have extra goodies in it, and be 8x5 inches in size. a fatty, really. i'm super excited to have this project ready for zine-y consumption. i'll probably also try to find a distributor for it....that would be nice.

okay, off to bed. helvetica has stopped the whining and stewart took some vitamin C so maybe we'll all get some sleep now.

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