"somebody said you have a new friend"

smore pie
and then put his fingers in his mouth
today was my 28th birthday. man, i'm sure getting old! ha! we had a good lazy day and then a handful of wonderful friends came over for a corn dog cook out! we made corn dogs from scratch, and i made a smore pie which was a total fail, and some salads. for my birthday i got a mix cd, a sweet board game, a container full of vegan chocolate chip cookies, and the best Ukrainian present ever (a 5kg bag of flour, icing sugar, a bag of brown sugar, cream cheese icing in a container, and reese chocolate chips). the issue right now is that i either ate too much raw corn dog batter or something else at dinner and my stomach hates me. i feel like i'm going to throw up everywhere. stewart made me a cup of ginger tea and it's doing it's magic. slowly. haha. i was going to knit but i'll probably just go to bed. where seth is. cute. little. button. (aside: he's really grown a lot in the last few days. his hands are MASSIVE and he's just today started to use those hands to play with toys. so cool). ps. thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, you know who you are but i wanted to say a communal thank you for being so awesome and in my life! i definitely cherish all of our friendships and your awesomenesses. xo


Eden Oliver said...

So jealous of your corn dog cookout. Not so jealous of the tummy-ache, though.

Lots of love, birthday girl!

Melissa said...

i really love you. :)

Megan said...

Happy Birthday! I saw Whip It again the other day and totally thought about you!
Too bad the cake didn't work out.. sounded like it had major potential!

ashley-in-chains said...

Happy Birthday! I was without computer so, sadly, I missed your big day:( Sounds like you had a good time...well except for the tummy part
OT: Seth is so cute and getting big!