"there was no light that we could see as we listened to the sound of the engine sailing"

WIP Wednesday: telemark sweater
lunch! cheese and cucumber sandwich with homemade peach salsa and chippies!
happy WIP Wednesday!! I'm so happy with myself that I actually have something to share that isn't something I was already working on. Which means that I've been casting on more things that I can knit! But, hey, that's what happens when I think about knitting all the time (and don't get to knit all the time). This week I've casted on the Telemark Pullover for dearest Helvetica (rav link). It's getting chillier here and I just hate fan-dangling with zippers. I'm also writing an essay, finishing it up, for the end of my zine and fingers crossed for publication in a book. I hope it's good enough! I wish I could add more at this exact moment, but all I can think about is my breasts and how much milk they're producing, as well as the above mentioned essay. So, I feel I'm kind of boring. I did catch up on my "shows" over the past two days, and I must say that I'm just BORED by all three (Gossip Girl, House, and Glee). Why can't TV just amaze me? It sucks that I feel like I just wasted those three hours. BLECK.

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Megan said...

I have a new show for you to try... (I, too, am having issues with "regular tv")
1)Come Dine with me (UK, reality, food)
2) Secret Diary of a Call Girl (UK, fictional, hot!)

Also, love the sweater!!!