"if you were to fall apart there's plenty room inside my heart"

putting our mini frames up
putting art up in helvetica's room
our entry way
Today's task was to put art up! Ha! And, to get the hooks up on the 1x4 we put on the wall over 2 months ago. Oh, boy. I was scared that the hooks would cost me like $40 so kept putting it off, but managed to get 6 hooks for $12 plus HST (bastards). They've got a pewter finish and I like them. Despite the fact that I hate pewter. Looks better than a "nickel" finish, though. Anyway, I got the hooks up and hung up a few of the hoodies/sweaters that were on side tables, our bedroom floor (we have another row of hooks in the bedroom), as well as the few hats that I found of Stewart's. That man has a serious prblem with leaving hats absolutely everywhere. I like that the only shoes we own (minus Stewart's work shoes and a replacement pair for his skate shoes that are in a box in our closet) fit under/around our bench. I think I might even get rid of my black shoes and then wear the shit out of my chucks and then in the spring get new chukka boots or something. I also hung up some mini-frames in the hallway above our bulletin board, used clothing pins to put small pictures on magazine files or the curtains in the kitchen, and put up a painting in Helvetica's room.

I am slowly getting through my list of home to-dos. And am working out how to get the rest of them done. Some of them are going to cost a bit of $$ which we're saving right now to go to PG, so I'll probably get those done when we get back.

Today it's rainy and wet, but warm enough to leave the front door open, trying to get the last batch of fresh air I can before it gets too cold to leave it ajar. I can also see my tomato plants and their reminder to PICK ME!! I made seven 500ML sized jars of green tomato salsa last night. I've probably got enough green tomatoes to go into business. Blarg. xo

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karen said...

Hi, your home looks so cozy, and your baby is so beautiful and I miss you.
I am really sorry about your grandmother.

Love, Karen