you called me to tell me you're finally dying

kara miso ramen. yummm
if i told you that this dinner pictured here wasn't in japan, would you believe me? the other week we went all the way up to sushi factory sendo just past college heights and got some sushi for dinner (yummers) and i saw the cutest handwritten sign that said spicy miso ramen. and thought, finally! yum! the owners of sushi factory sendo are the only japanese sushi shop owners in prince george. they sell a lot of japanese products and have more specifically japanese foods. it's really great. and they speak in japanese and i get to hear my long missed irashaiiiiiii!!!

today is cookie making day and pierogi day and cookie swap day. i'm pretty excited for all the fun to ensue. i'm going to make some tea to deal with this sore throat, and charge my laptop, decorate the tree, get all purdy, and charge the battery in my camera. lots of stuff to do in the next two hours. have a good weekend!! xo

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Anonymous said...

when you said "get all purdy," i thought you meant al purdy and got very excited.

today i learned that -9 (feels like -19) is very cold, but i can manage it.

and synecdoche new york is incredibly depressing and brilliant.