about when the headache starts to kick in

i have 21 minutes left on my macbook's battery and a burning need for both coffee and eggs. i got up at 5am to give stewart a ride to work and it was so bright out, the orange glow of pg reflecting on the 20ish centimetres of snow we received. i was so worried i wouldn't make it home alive! but i did and who knows if i'll be able to get out of my spot. yay winter. rather than going to bed when i got back home at 5:45am-ish i checked my email (!!) and began paying my bills. I LOVE BEING ABLE TO PAY MY BILLS. it's the most empowering feeling ever. and, i bought a few xmas presents on etsy (buy handmade!!) and amazon. now it's time for breakfast, a tooth brush, and some daybreak north.

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Melissa said...

I wish I could give you a big hug right now.