"the lights make your skin look like eggs benedict"

i really want to make this cap.

where the slough meets the fraser (who just met the nechako)

one of the coolest things about my parents (even though they haven't been near/with each other in over ten years) is that they both LOVE food. so whenever they're near us or we're near them we eat. and eat. and eat. and then get stuffed. so yesterday after stitch n bitch (which was awesome, btw) i jumped in my car, plugged in my ipod and drove east 204kms to pick up my dad in mcbride. he was just finishing his bike trip from Edson, AB to McBride and had ended a few days early. So we sat at the ONLY pub in McBride and had a nummy Mediterranean salad and then drove back. We got back at 9pm. SO TIRED from driving 400km. then today we went for sushi at wasabi and then just had dinner at than vu. tomorrow i'm making falafel for dinner (so good) but we're going for lunch....not sure where yet. was thinking spicy green. or sasafras. one thing about pg. there's good food, that's for sure. (just wish it was open later).

so, i'm slogging in front of my computer trying to finish up my thesis edits (yuck) before i submit it to my committee again (this time i'm doing it online). hopefully finger's crossed it's all good and then i can zine it and submit it to the grad studies office (goal before i go to portland).

as for the rest of the week, stewart and i are climbing into our car on wednesday and hitting up vancouver for two days and then the island for three. such a short trip. breakfast with jay, art gallery, lunch with uncle, movie, dinner with kalinhop. then friday, breaky with bliss in a tea cup, and warped tour. saturday island party with my mumma and huge extended family. sunday sleep in hang with mumma, go to tofino. monday victoria. yay for house sitters making our life safe and wonderful for our return (RT @ KT). LOVE. off to thesis. xo


becka said...

Yay! Can't wait to see you guys!

Melissa said...

I hope you and stewart have fun!

Melissa said...

I laughed so hard at your last comment that i literally spit out my cereal. I am going to have a good day!