ba da da, da da shibu di doo

i have phantom planet in my head. suckers. my weekend has been good though it hasn't been full of much needed thesising. boo.

the table of food and copious amounts of wine
saturday night, dinner party. this was an epically amazing time with loud celebratory yelling about porn (and loving it), joking colonization with friends, talking about gossip girl, driving around at midnight playing music really loud (with girls singing in the back seat) and lots of seeing my ladies and their amazing food creations. i want to do that every day.

and then tonight we had a yarn swap. it was a small gathering and so fun. i stayed at carpenterknit's house until eleven! sangria and sweets and an incredible destash and acquisition. i love yarn swaps. they're my new favourite thing.

the yarn pile
the yarn up for grabs.

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bananafoot said...

Diandra! If you try to call me today, I will most likely be out and about. Books & Co, and Habitat are just two of many fun stops. You will be able to contact me by phoning 250 617 6548. This is the phone of my roommate/partner-in-crime. I am really excited to take your photo and virtually nothing is more important, so don't be shy.