TBT 50-90

Vegan Chocolate Brownie Cake with Vegan Cream Cheese Icing!!!! and Organic Vegan Sprinkles!
Today was my derby wife's bday, so I made her a vegan cake. We devoured half of it with my family over lunch time and all experienced sugar high. I reduced the sugar in the cake by 1/2, but the icing was too much and too delicious. I ate 1/2 bad and 1/2 good today. I will now wrap up any loose ends and get ready to hit the road in the morning. Speaking of hitting the road, despite me taking my iPad with me, I'm not going to blog often until we get home. I swear on my roller skates that I won't eat any worse than I have, and I will try to be better, promise. Stress = slacking for me. I need something else to be able to do it all.

What I Ate Today:
Oatmeal with good for you museli
green tea/white tea blend
2 big pieces of said birthday cake
mint tea
a few bites of lentil red thai curry
double roasted potatoes with nooch and veggie/tofu teriyaki stirfry on top
popcorn with nooch

FML. Hosted a bratz meeting so missed any chance of working out tonight. Sad Panda. (But those bratz are AWESOME!!)

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Mountain Girl said...

With that much love baked into the cake, it had to have negated the sugar. Have a great trip and can't wait to hug you and your new tattoo when you get back.