stick up for yourself son, never mind what anybody else done

chinese cemetery victoria
toy camera view from the chinese cemetery
view from the chinese cemetery, victoria
not getting out of bed
played really hard, had a difficult time getting out of bed

when in victoria...
when in victoria, fill a growler...

sandy ankles
sandy ankles, i dont get to see these tattoos often, so i love being reminded of them

sand dollar
sand dollar on the beach in parksville. so many of them!

i think we will probably live on vancouver island for a really long time. it's kind of like paradise, ya know? i put 800KM on my car in the past few days zipping up and down and over it. beaches, parks, food, friends, and lots of coffee. it was a good busy brain time but active rest from the world of work awaiting me back at this ol' computer i'm pounding away on. i think i found a solution for my work stress over the past few months and feel a lot lighter. a bit more motivated. and disappointed that something that seems so small could be such a derailer of my life. i hope people will get on board, support my ideas and decisions, and this other stuff i'm working on will fall into place.

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