Self Portrait Thursday

oh my i just finished eating the best non-vegan cinnamon bun ever. i first ate one months back when canvas cup opened and continued to buy them at their hearty $3.75 price tag (that's how much i like them). but it didn't take long for me to realize they were made at the bakery literally across the street. so now i just go to the bakery where they're $1.95 and make some tea in my office. it's a rainy day and this week is busy and i'm exhausted and overwhelmed/worked so a good day for a cinnamon bun, right?

that being said, i'm shrinking, it's weird.

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Mountain Girl said...

Best cinnamon bun ever: UBC armoury cafeteria. Willing to submit myself to a taste test.
Your shrinking, I'm gaining. Universe is balanced : )