get me away from here i'm dying

i'm sure i've used that song lyric as a blog post before... it's like my "i'm sick" mantra. i had to go part way to town today for my midwife appointment and was already feeling the cold coming on. but i thought, "i'm already half way there, i should at least go to work". before i even started i informed my supervisor that i could only stay 'til lunch and then continued to sneeze all over myself, my headset, and then screw up the easiest calls. not too impressed with myself. i managed to get the best boosterjuice i've ever had (2 of them, one so full of ginger my throat seared), come home and nap/read for hours and end the night with part of an elvis movie (flaming star!! it's about colonial conflicts and his "half breed" status. he struggles with his personal identity and i can't wait to finish it tomorrow), and now more reading and SLEEP. i've just started reading the 100 mile diet book and am interested to see how it went for them. i remember all the hype on cbc but haven't read the blog. the neat part is now that i live in their climate all their little suggestions, like the fact i can plant some kinds of greens and radishes in march and have produce in april is wonderful! can't wait to pull up my vintage chatelaine "gardening in canada" reference book and get to it.

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