so hungry i could eat a horse!

lately i've been dying to cook, all the time. and cooking whenever possible. on new year's stewart and i made a yummy pizza from scratch (wish i had taken a picture) and for xmas i made 3 loaves of garlic ciabatta, and then tonight i made a batch of smitten kitchen's lemon cranberry scones. while cooking often costs some change and I don't have my hands on much $$ yet here's the list of dishes I'm going to try and fit in over the next few weeks! yum!

Tomato and Corn Biscuit Pie from Everybody Likes Sandwiches
Mushroom Marsala with Artichokes from Smitten Kitchen

Kasia's Parmesan Polenta with Eggs & Roasted Mushrooms

Soba with Spinach and Shitake from the NY Times

and this martha stewart recipe from living...it's baked white beans with tomatoes and sage but i can't find it online anywhere. yummers overall though! excited!!


becka said...

Oooh, I've been itching to try that Biscuit Pie too! YUM.

Ken said...

I'm on this.