oh victoria!

on friday i went to victoria for the night and the next day. i hung out with fine thank you and we did our usual friday night movie (jennifer's body this time!) and snacks from the market. knitting and watching you tube videos. i could do that all the time. then on saturday i hung out with bone machine and myle heather where we ate naanwiches and went for a long nice walk around thetis lake. it was a great victoria day that was completed with hanging out with eden and going to knotty by nature and cascadia.

returning home was nice and has been full of internetting, knitting, reading, and watching the worst movie in the world: the last run with fred savage. i've been up for hours reading more (i think i'm back on books, yay!) and waiting for stewart to get up so we can go for breakfast. we may be in the basement by now but still no living space so just hanging out here in the bed typing away waking stewart up. get up! i want bennieS!!!!!! xo

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