FO: Stewart's birthday hat

For stewart's birthday he asked me to make him a replica hat to this hat a dude in a band he likes was wearing in the cover art. oi! It was a mashup of crochet'd and knitted factory hat, big and bulky, and i tried to make it exact, but I thought it was stupid looking. So, I redesigned it! I chose the good elements, like the bumpiness between the rows of cables and the weird coin cable look it had going on and mocked the crochet bumps for the brim with seed stitch. And, I'm so proud of it and I love it. It's made from Galway Healthers (from Knotty By Nature in Victoria) and I used less than one skein. I have the pattern sorta done if people want it. (I can email the pdf when finished). Here's the Rav link.

In other news I start my new work schedule today, 1:30pm to 10:00pm and I've enjoyed the morning off much more than the evening off so far! I was able to sort all the recycling and weed out those return its for cash, do laundry, sleep in, and internet. I hope that the late nights don't kill me (I'll be getting home just after 11pm), but am content with the fact that my ride home will coincide with the 10pm playing of Q, ever night! woop! xo

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