photos as of late

this week has been busy. well, no busier than normal. i'm just tired, i guess.... lots of knitting done too! i'm finished my portland socks, almost done a little arrowhead shawl, made one hat for a trade i owe'd on, and started mittens for mishelleorama. at work this week i found out that i'll be going straight back into training on PDA and will do 9 weeks of training to troubleshoot devices and handsets like blackberries and iphones. kind of sweet! i'm pretty happy about being paid to just sit in a training environment and knit and learn about tech support. yippeeeee!! as for "real jobs" still no luck.

last week we finally moved into the basement and have spent the weekend just getting our bedroom oriented. we still have a tv in here, but have moved our dresser down and i have a chair and ottoman for knitting times. i've also been able to set up a cat-friendly sleeping space (pickle!) as i'm oddly still allergic to pickle and can't cuddle into her gutt anymore.

and on saturday stewart and i got to hang out all afternoon together, which meant we had breakfast out (!!) at miller's place a family restaurant (with the patriarch visiting tables) and had the best breakfast ever and it was cheap too! very impressed. will definitely be back any time i have spare change. the hash browns were the best i've ever had. oi.

well off to bed, maybe a bit more reading, and sorting out my knitting to take to work tomorrow. xo

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