all the gold and the guns in the world couldn't get you off...

hanging out back our house

it's been so nice hanging out at home over the past few days. monday night i curled up with goodies and worked on a new crochet pattern. and last night i did some work that was super backlogged and then went to the y! it was so nice to leave after dinner (stewart stayed and watched this new matthew broderick movie with alan alda. i can't remember what it was called) and to run for 1/2 hour on the machines. i'm working on this new running clinic sequence to get ready for the 5 km road race. so i need to do it as often as possible between now and then. tonight we're going to the y and three friends are coming with us. YMCA PARTAAAYYY!! haha, it'll be nice to work out as a group :)

yesterday after work i went thrifting a little (inspired by my purchase of this purcolator from etsy) and ended up with not very much considering it's such a big overpriced thrift store. but i came away with a tacky, 80s, cashmere-like cardigan, a 1970s chatelaine gardening book, a black t-shirt and this lovely baby blanket. total for all things was $20 (which is a lot) but considering that blanket could've been super expensive i came away with a sweet deal.

well, off to tackle hump day on the treadmill then who knows! love!

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