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So, i was going to post the below on Shameless but then felt that it was dragging on and really, everyone's all been Twilight crazy on Shameless a few months ago. Here it is! It's unfinished. I still need to think about it more.. But, my verdict on the movie is, first hour = interesting, rest = lame-o, i will watch new moon, and pattison is a hunk.

I admit that I just watched Twilight despite the bit of bugging I've endured from friends due to my tittering about it since the DVD release. Post-watch it lives up to all of the feminist critiques, and the first hour or so was entertaining, but I stayed glued to the screen in hopes of them unraveling the duality they create between the so-white-I-can-see-through-your-skin Cold Ones and the equally quiet, mysterious, and surprising-you-out-of-the-bushes Wolves.

Since high school I've been obsessed with colonialism, representations of Indigenous cultures, the dialogue about racism between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and our general inability to talk about these issues in public and private forums, especially our inability to discuss them ironically because we're always reverting to comedy. Viewing Twilight as the most contemporary example in popular culture of these complications there has been a lack of critical discussion about the racial and colonial aspects of the film.

1. In this interview the About.com interviewer asks Taylor Lautner (he plays Jacob Black) point blank about his "Indian" status and they both evade the question and answer by discussing his "likeness" to those youth from the Quileute Nation. He's shocked that he likes basketball and girls and they like basketball and girls. Question: Does this reaffirm his claim to his "distant past" because the film's producers were criticized for not casting an Aboriginal person or could it reaffirm that American boys like girls and basketball?

2. Let's talk about catchement areas: Does Jacob go to school on the Reservation because he is a Werewolf and can't intermingle with populations that include the Cold Ones? But really it's factually right, there is a school on the Reservation. Why did bella think that he would go to school in town, then? lots of questions!!!

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