spring is in the air!: new music.

the snow is officially gone off our lawn which means it's almost time to start raking up the leaves from last fall that we missed and finish digging out our garden box. and with the onset of spring comes the pile of new music to carry me through the new season. i spent 3 hours downloading music, buying itunes music, and searching stewart's most recent downloads to compile a list of stuff i love right now. so love it. and enjoy it! off to write, and go to the camelot! and then to the Y and then stitch n bitch. such a good sunday! xo

metric - fantasies. i haven't really liked metric in the past. i mean, some songs like combat baby and dead disco were fun, dancy, and a wall of sound, but fantasies has a good mix of haines' solo sound and a wall of synth. favourite tracks: gold guns girls, help i'm alive.

mstrkrft - fist of god.
woop! more vocal oriented than the looks but the beats are solid and generally a riot. favourite tracks: click click, it ain't love, and heartbreaker.

TEETH!!! i found teeth!!! after trolling pitchfork for an hour. it's a raw electro thrash noise. love it. you can download them here (Free Willy) and here (Free Jamz 4 evr).

Chew Lips - SOLO.
a single released on kitsune and an album better be coming. poppy with epic vocals. makes my feet bounce and wish for summer dance parties.

Harlem Shakes - Technicolor Health. kind of feels like pop where peter bjorn and john left off. summer acoustic rock. who knew i'd actually like this sound again. maybe it's because some of the harmonies remind me of blue rodeo? haha. favourite tracks: strictly game, sunlight.

handsome furs - face control. duh. dan beckner is my lover. and my boyfriend. favourite tracks: all of them? but really: i'm confused, talking hotel arbat blues, legal tender.

fever ray - fever ray. i've never been a die-hard fan of the knife, but fever ray has a little more siouxie as stewart says. and i love it. favourite tracks: triangle walks, now's the only time i know.

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finethankyou said...

fuck yes we have the same favorite fever ray songs!!! WOOOP! I also reallllly dig coconut.

Have you checked out familjan?? they are like swedish mgmt, only amazing. They have a music video, I forget the song name, its just a guy pants-ing other guys over and over in slow motion. Yay for slow motion dangling swedish dinks!!