i'd rather just relax or not exist

sweet marie burlesque
i'm officially done with going out! ha! well, not really, but i'm definitely at a more low-key place then i used to be. tonight was the super awesome killer kittens wine tasting party downtown and the wine was good and the cheese was great and the company was awesome. i am just so tired and wanted to take my socializing face off and come home. i'm waiting to go get stewart from work so we can hang out and i can go to bed. i'm excited for tomorrow: it's sunday! roller skating, maybe, and stitch n bitch, i might go to the y and work out, i have a sewing project to work on, a house to tidy, and possibly sleep in in. we'll see if my body'll let me. i need to recharge for the work week!

today i went for snacks/dinner and hang out time with a lovely pal and she had made the martha stewart black-and-white cheesecake squares. and, they were DELICIOUS!! tis the reason for getting cream cheese here in a few minutes. i'd love to make them in the morning. super easy. the fun part about ms. stewart's website is that when you find a recipe there's this "also try" section. and yum? ! yes! chocolate coconut cheesecake squares? or chocolate peanut butter shortbread squares? i want them all.

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Anonymous said...

Sean made me martha's mudslide cookies. holy fuck I ate two dozen of them in 36 hours.