we're back!!!

while i'm waiting for a few photos to load over here on ye ol' blog and on the flickr i'll make a quick ramble because i'm EXHAUSTED from driving all day, holy moly.

this weekend was a blast. while visiting family is always stressful, it went better than we expected and we both came back happy. tired and happy. and loaded up with stuff. from hand-me-down cookbooks, videogames, and movies to new books (chapterssssss yesssssss), clothes (yay for a sweet value village), yarn yarn yarn, and vintage goodies including a little sewing kit from ft. nelson sporting a little chief.

on our way back we got increasingly tired as the hours wore on. i stopped at petro to take a pee and stewart started skateboarding in the parking lot. right after he did this he bit the tree and some construction guys in carharts were chuckling. it was cute.

ooooh, vintagey stuff in mclure. the shop was really nice and big and organized well, but the prices were higher to reflect that. i wanted so much of it though and if i had the $$ probably would have justified it.

mmm, monte cristo. this one was from stewart's grandma's place of work in oliver bc. yum!

we had turkey dinner at the same grandma's that afternoon/evening. it was so good and really nice to spend time with stewart's brothers and his dad.

and last but not least a bit of a cow's underneath? stewart took a lot of pictures on the trip. a lot of them really random. i slowed down for him to take this one. loves it. well, i'm off to shovel the compost. gross. and think about cleaning/unpacking and dinner? probably take out again. not sure. i'm so pooped. i have lots of updates/new news about thesis and etsy (it'll be up again soon) and want to wax a little about getting all of the things under control (those things i take on!). also, nice to be back, but want to leave. even just to the derby boot camp in 4 weeks.


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mskerri said...

It was SO lovely having you for the wee visit! I've enjoyed sippin' joe from my new knit-lovin' mug and still haven't figgerd what to do with my new fuzzy goodness. Glad to hear you got back safely!