TBT 3-90

A Vlog with Kaylah & Elycia from love elycia on Vimeo.

Wooo! I've been reading the Dainty Squid for a while and have found her to be one of the most genuine semi-polished bloggers out there! Her writing is super authentic and you can tell she's only sometimes trying hard. Over the past year she's started hanging out with Elycia and they've been so fun to watch as they build their friendship. This video is just the best as it reminds me of something me and some friends would SO do.

In other news, the TBT challenge is HARD!! I just willy nilly decided and didn't plan anything in advance so I actually brought cereal w/ blueberries and almond milk (in it's own jar) to work with me this morning. It's delicious. Work and derby are both stressful and a bit overwhelming right now so my emotional eating is kicking in and it's a lot of work fighting against it, but I'll get there. Handed off the oreo baked brownies to Chia and Scout last night (they were vegan! goooooooood!). Sad to see them go! haha.

What I ate today:
1.5 cups super healthy cereal flakes w/ a scant 1/2 cup blueberries and 1 cup almond milk
squash and bean japanese-braised veg
spinach w/ hemp hearts and a bit of salad dressing
seed bar
soy rooibis tea latte w/ agave
a bit of popcorn with seth
refried bean corn tortilla burritos with veg and salsa and hot sauce w/ corn and beans on the side
a little bit of vegan chocolate

Walk outside with Seth
Nothing else I feel so sick and tired. will crumple on the couch.

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