TBT 16-90

My new ab workout (to mix it up). I love these videos!

So last night I was up with seth for a few hours (as was stewart) and I slept right in until 7:45 and had minimal time to get dressed. I'm the queen of leaving our laundry all over the floor and get it ALL sorted and picked up and cleaned up at least every weekend (sometimes)... so we literally pick our day's clothes up off the floor and today I pulled a shirt off the hanger (that finally fits and i like it) and picked up a skirt off the floor (my favourite short green skirt seen here). I get the skirt on and my outfit looks like shit. The skirt is officially too big for me by at least 3-4 inches. Success? Kind of.

The issue is that I may be shrinking but I am in this space where I am stuck. I can't afford to buy a gym pass (let alone my yoga pass) to get good cardio workouts (with timed intervals) on an elliptical (that are better for my knees). I can't afford to buy new clothes what so ever (even $$ to go thrifting or the time to go thrifting). And I need to up my protein intake, but I can't afford any protein powders (let alone the vegan protein powder). It's a little debilitating because there is really only so much I can do on a poor girl's budget, and getting to where I want to be will be a challenge if I can't throw much more $$ into it.

On the other hand, I know I've been doing shitty the past few months and slacking on the diet and the workouts (while keeping it in my mind every day) and I'm still losing weight, I'm still feeling better, and I'm still feeling more fit (e.g. I can do bicycles now easier and actually lift my back of the floor which is kind of a miracle). The way I see it is that even doing this half assed I'm seeing results, so what would actually happen if I totally committed? So, my first challenge (aside from keeping up with everything else) is that from this day forward I commit to working harder at NOT consuming sugar. I know I can do it. (kind of exciting).

What I Ate Today:
2 cups home canned peaches
foot long vegan subway
emergen c
triskets and raisins
tabouleh salad
veggie pepperoni pizza ww/ sans cheeze
soy vanilla rooibis tea latte with honey

I need to get better at breakfast when I'm in a hurry.

Ab workout above in reps of 10 x 3
Hip lifts x 20 reps
Single leg hip lifts x 10 reps each side
Speed skating balance reps 4 per side x 2

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