TBT 9-90

I feel like this is the moment where I lose my readers because I was too lazy to start a separate blog for my TBT! Can we all handle 90 days of post about food and fitness? Heaven knows I'm not sure I can!

What I Ate Today:
"root beer" tea
choco pumpkin loaf tbt approved
shared oatmeal with sethie at starbucks
lentil and rice chips with hummus
kamut pasta w/ vegan pesto and smoked salmon
green beans, roasted peppers, spinach in tomato sauce
cup of tropical juice
juice from the lovely chia (carrot, ginger, apple)
tbt approved (and vegan) ice cream of deliciousness

1 hour yoga that was pretty intense!

1 comment:

Angela said...

I totally can! I love that you're doing this....It's good inspiration for me to do the same thing! We'll have to get together and chat soon!