TBT 4-90

love this. she sounds nervous, but it's good.

today was super busy. lots of administrative stuff at work. big community luncheon a working group i'm part of hosted at work (100 attendees!) and derby practice with a short turn around in between. still feeling tired. looking forward to tomorrow because i get a few hours non-derby non-family time with my lovely Chia.

Today turned into my cheat day, even vegan wise. The lunch that was catered for our meeting was not vegan friendly (but vegetarian friendly) and I ended up having veggie lasagne (win=zucchini and spinach/fail=cottage and mozza w/ white noodles!) and since I was like, "cheat day!" I had a few tiny nanaimo bars too. Still ate vegan for dinner (SNACHOS!) and didn't completely throw the baby out with the bath water. Milk sugars feel so gross in my milk. I really wish there was at least one more option of any kind (bean salad!) to have gotten me a vegan lunch.

What I ate today:
2 small slices ww chocolate pumpkin bread
plum spice herbal tea
Veggie Lasagne, broccoli and grape salad, raw veggies
nanaimo bars
vegan nachos w/ guac (yum)
a few bites of seth's apple
2 litres water

2 hour hard derby practice

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Andrea Hill said...

Nanaimo bars! I've lived in the States 10 years, and that's one thing I really miss :-(