incredible (totally in love).

the sun! mountains
broken skate
chia lining up to jam!
chia in the pack
playing derby
indian sweeeeets!
wifey and my new shirts
sunset on the way home
This weekend I had the utmost luxury of being able to leave my kid and my husband behind in cloud city to get in a car with the newest love of my life, my derby wife Chia Grr'vara, and travel to Abbotsford to attend the 3 day Blood and Thunder Training Camp hosted by the Reign Valley Vixens !! (Lots of things to link in there, including coaches Teflon Donna, Frida Beater, Smackya Sideways, Iron Maiven, and the list goes on! Just google away!)... We were super respected for our space to hang out by ourselves and it was absolutely what this girl here needed. 

The camp itself was inspiring, incredibly supportive, and I did things that I've been afraid to try and felt supported by the camp coaches and my fellow skaters on the track! Big shout outs to TCRG all stars, the Pow-town derby girls, and the Tournament City Derby Dolls! Big love. Every day I worked out a minimum of three hours and then worked my brain another two. So many things to process (statistics! nutrition! strategy!) and a lot of muscles to massage and stretch back into full health.

The shit end of the deal, on the Thursday night I took my skate to RG to get her to fix it, but that process included it's destruction. It must visit a machine shop sometime this week before practice. Luckily a fellow AVRG'r lent me her skates (thank you!!!!). Off to bed. Looking forward to everything that's coming up. <3 XO

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