TBT 14-90

Just recovering from a pretty intense electrical fire in my oven. Kind of afraid to eat the pumpkin I was roasting. Now I can't make brownies for my catering gig. Will end up making haystacks tomorrow night to drop them off on Tuesday.. (not going to plug that stove back in until it's fixed that's for sure). Today was fun. Went for a good bike ride, a little stressed, broke down and ate a handful (or two) of chocolate chips. Did good the rest of the day. YIPEE!!

Going to watch STEP UP 2 with Stewart, fold some laundry (aka put it on the floor) and find some clothes for tomorrow. Another busy week ahead, tis the tune of March when you work for a Non-profit, hey?

What I Ate Today:
toast with eggs and zucchini and spinach
grapes and orange slices
matcha soy latte
popcorn with earth balance and nooch
lots of yummy salad (oops, forgot this had goat cheese, i was craving greens SO bad I didn't care!)
pumpkin curry and brown rice
zucchini noodle salad
handful (or two) of chocolate chips

20 Minutes Bike ride (my bum/crotch hurts from my seat!)
200 reps Ab workout

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Eden Oliver said...

It's the tune for March in general! Aaagh!