TBT 7-90

Had a super relaxing day today. Got to play outside. Got to nap. Got to chill out with friends (who cooked dinner!) and got to spend MUCH NEEDED time with my family.  Holy! I've also realized from this food tabulation thingy that I'm obviously totally in love with snack foods! Healthy snack foods, obviously. Will focus on that over the next few weeks. Healthy snacks or no snacks.

What I Ate Today:
Eggs with TBT Approved toast!
Cup of juice
Carrot soup
Curry Soup
TBT approved bread
organic chocolate! (everything but the chocolate was TBT approved, but everything was vegan!)
lots of water

walk/shuffle jog with seth, 20 minutes

1 comment:

Frida said...

No chocolate! Just because it's organic doesn't mean your body likes it.