TBT 10-90

I'm totally coming down with a cold, had a super busy day at work and didn't eat properly or well, and am just exhausted. Another really long day tomorrow. Probably wont work out tonight. Today isn't my cheat day, it's my FAIL DAY (tomorrow's my cheat day).

What I Ate Today:
Almond Milk Matcha w/ honey
Rice Chips
3 non TBT nor vegan cookies (FAIL)
1 TBT and vegan friendly cereal bar (except that it was loaded with sugar)
mint tea
veggie burger of deliciousness

OK so I didn't do too bad. Accepted the 2 year term for the Alberni Valley Social Planning Council this evening! Go Me! Was fun to be there ever so shortly and excited about the next two years of work we're going to do in the community. Going to put the baby to bed. Tomorrow is going to be good. Still not going to work out. (sniffle, sicky, sniffle).

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Mountain Girl said...

3 cookies and not working out does not equal a fail. It equals LIFE. You do what you can based on what the day deals to you. Keep that fabulous smile on your face along with the great attitude that you started with this, and all is good.