stew and i at long beach
this is a picture of me and stewart on long beach in the summer of 2009. this was right before we got pregnant but after we had decided to move to the island. today i'm feeling still sick with a gross runny nose and lots of tiredness and it's starting to get cold and wet again after a few nice days (where I was sadly stuck indoors!) and i'm kind of dreaming of sitting in the hot sun and drying my cold right out of me. i should really go to sleep.

today was my cheat day for days 7-14. we had this one planned and it was a serious cheat on everything. i had hoped to work out but my sickness killed that (i was going to go for a bike ride, sad panda). stewart wanted to go for dinner and we ended up going to the little bavaria which i was excited about but through every meaty bite i was kind of turned off. this food wasn't delicious (fried pork is probably my favourite meaty food) and i was more than a little disappointed. today at our work lunch my cheat was sugar (cookies!) and white flour (cookies!) and egg salad (eggs and mayonaise! guck). and i was proud of myself for getting through the day without eating a tonne of super gross things.

i know every day has been a cheat day for me because I'm having a hard time switching over to no sugar, whole grains, no alcohol. the transition to being vegan is a lot of work AND i had already done my grocery shopping for two weeks and have become kind of broke trying to make up for the lack that was there. also got broke paying to eat out which i have to consciously try harder not to do. it's expensive and never as rewarding as i had hoped.

What I Ate Today:
Lotsa water
1/2 banana
3 coconut cookies
sex in a pan
2 cups herbal tea
vegan bean soup
2 small buns with hummus and egg salad
fruit and veggies
glass of shiraz
about 1/4 of the shared platter which included schnitzel, sausage, cabbage, steamed veggies, a salad, potatoes, and spaetzle

No forced exercise but I feel wiped from being sick and running around these past few days for my work stuff.


Melissa said...

This is around the time I met you! in person!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about losing your reader base! I like reading about your journey.
Being a vegan athlete is super hard! My biggest focus is on not letting myself get too hungry, (or hangry as I like to call it). I snack on home made 'bliss balls' with dates cashews and cranberries and a banana in the mornings, and edamames for a protien boost in the afternoon before I hit the gym. Sometimes it feels like I am always eating, but it really works for me.

Keep on rocking girly!