TBT 15-90

Holla! Today I was tired when I woke up and caved and had a decaf soy american misto. And it threw me for a loop. I was super manic all through lunch (and ate sugar, god i was craving sugar) and crashed all afternoon. It was hard times (and then I was hungry all afternoon too). BOO.

Despite my foibles (I'm finding the food really challenging, obviously, but tracking it really lets me know where my issues are: sugar, baked goods, and snack foods, so now I can seriously begin to target it) I am getting smaller (I still can't find a tape measure). My tights are all getting pulled way up over my belly (rather than riding low) and I have one skirt that I only bought a few months ago that is sitting really low and thus is way too long and it's dowdy now and I hate it. Haha. Will make it a MINI this weekend. HUZZAH. I am only going to weigh myself at the half way mark and then we'll see.

I'm also feeling better (less sick) and am starting to get less stressed (derby holiday is only a semi-holiday so much business to constantly attend to) and am intending to start upping my workouts. If my goal is to run five minutes and do my 25 in 5 (which is hard for a lot of people, not just me!) then I need to get going on building my lung capacity.

What I Ate Today:
Single egg sandwich
decaf soy americano misto with agave
2 bananas
1 mini mandarin
some grapes
some crackers
water water water
vegan tex mex shepherd's pie
vegan haystack (guh, sugar I LOVE YOU)
veggie sandwich and tabouleh
small handful of walnuts
water water water

Skip. I'm tired and going to bed, truly. Will be asleep in about 15 minutes. XO

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