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I usually go hang out at Sweet Avenue once a week to visit Emily and take a peek around. But I'm often either so exhausted I never shop or I'm just in a rush to do something else! Today when I was leaving I saw a tunic that turned out to suck, and this jacket! It's cropped. Faux Herringbone. Black and Grey. Asymetrical? and $8? Sweet.

Last night Stewart and I got to cuddle and watch DRIVE. OMG. Loved it. Loved the music. Love Ryan Gosling. So violent and epic. I was kind of surprised.

Tonight I have roller derby. This month I'm 17 times on skates. Did I say that already? It's a little crazy. I'm looking forward to it though. My strides are getting stronger (!!) but my lungs still need to catch up. Hurting my knee three weeks ago really set me back cardio wise.

I've been doing an ab workout too, to support my back while I'm skating. Here it is if you're adventurous!!!
10 leg drops 
20 cross crunches (10 PER SIDE)
10 low leg scissors  (Your legs should be straight and about 4-6 inches off the ground, same motion as the video and open you legs as wide as you can, also called the HELLO DOLLY)
20 supermans (10 PER SIDE)

REPEAT FIVE TIMES!!! (I listen to Derby Deeds or Childish Gambino while I do it). XO

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Mountain Girl said...

Love the cropped jacket! Very well put together : ) Might have to do a little retail therapy myself.
Keep up the fab work on your core workouts. You are making great strides. So proud.